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Health and Physical Education teachers are professionals dedicated to enhancing the health and fitness of our students. SHAPE Washington (formerly WAHPERD) is the professional organization for Health and Physical Education teachers. Be a professional and join your professional organization SHAPE Washington!

The big three reasons to join SHAPE Washington:
  1. All professions have organizations that advocate for and provide professional services for members. SHAPE Washington is that organization for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance professionals.
  2. SHAPE Washington is advocating locally, state-wide and nationally to protect our profession and our jobs. 
  3. SHAPE Washington is your best source for targeted professional development through conferences, workshops and publications.
More about SHAPE Washington:
  • Advocacy: SHAPE Washington is lobbying in Olympia and Washington DC to ensure that Physical Education is a required core subject in Washington State and that it becomes a core subject in the re authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which is No Child Left Behind. When that happens all of our jobs will be more secure because district administrators will think twice before risking the loss of federal dollars by cutting a core subject.

  • Professional Development: You will benefit by taking advantage of the opportunities SHAPE Washington provides for professional development. We host or support three yearly conferences, our own fall conference, this year in Highline SD, West’s Best in Seattle, Health Educator workshop in Ellensburg.. In conjunction with these conferences SHAPE Washington also provides in-depth targeted sessions such as Mentor training, Student Leadership, Advocacy Training and an Adapted PE workshop.
  • Journal: SHAPE Washington's (formerly WAHPERD's) award winning journal published the two times a year will update you on national and state legislation that effects our profession. The journal’s articles cover all aspects of our profession, outstanding activities, assessment, lesson ideas and special populations. The journal is also where you and your colleagues are recognized for your achievements.  You will receive 2 e newsletter each year.

  • Awards: SHAPE Washington recognizes noteworthy professionals in our field with many awards including Teacher of the Year (TOY). In the past five years five of our state nominees have gone on to receive National TOY awards bringing prestige and visibility to all professionals in our state.

  • Appeal to professionalism: Presently SHAPE Washington is accomplishing a lot with less than 15% of Washington state's PE teachers as members. By joining SHAPE Washington you can give back to your profession and your professional community. Help us to protect your job, help yourself become a better teacher, and enhance the growth of your profession by becoming a member of SHAPE Washington! 
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$35/year for Professionals
$15/year for full time Students