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Interested in pursuing a Doctor of Education (EdD) in Physical Education and Health.

Below lists programs that offer these programs by state.

Washington state

Doctor of Education (EdD) students, It covers a lot of ground, but here are a few sections.
- A detailed guide to the EdD in Health & Physical Education: what it is, what to expect, and which schools have programs

- A comprehensive directory of EdD programs, organized by state, specialty, and delivery format. For example:

- Additional advice for students, including how to determine if an EdD is worth it



COOL COLORS low to medium brain activity
WARM COLORS medium to high brain activity
HILLMAN,C.H. The Effect of Acute Treadmill Walking on Cognitive Control & Academic Achievement in Preadolescent Children 2009.

  • searchable database of classroom-based physical activity lessons for k-5
  • multimedia resource detailing 12 key rules scientists know about how the brain works.
  • with National Education Standards, it offers interdisciplinary lessons in a variety of subjects for grades k-12 with a complete adapted component.
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on physical activity and academic achievement in case you haven't seen it. The associated infographic could be useful for you as well -
    Excerpt from the report: It is incumbent on schools to maximize students’ potential to learn. Accordingly, educators need to have the resources, support, training, and skills to provide a variety of physical activity opportunities for children. Educators, administrators and parents should thoughtfully integrate physical activity across the curriculum throughout the school day to facilitate learning for all students. Experiences such as biking and walking to school, playing at recess, engaging in active classroom lessons, and participating in a quality physical education program may increase the odds of children and adolescents forming lifelong habits for learning and for positive behaviors.

    See the report at
    View the infographic at

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